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This is internationalisation (i18n) for Music On Console
( player.

It uses GNU gettext and it i18n's usage message of mocp client. Sample
translation to Czech is attached.

* moc-svn2088-i18n:

Previous patch has been integrated into SVN repository. This patch i18ned more
source files and adds missing po/LINGUAS. However without "make -C po
update-po" no catalogs will be installed. There are also problems with fixed
size buffers which can't handle larger UTF-8 strings. Also size of the buffers
is used for ncurses layout and hat's not good.

* moc-2.5.0_alpha3-i18n:

After applying patch you could need to run autoreconf to regenarete autoconf
files. I'm sorry for such big patch, it contains some needless files certainly
which autoreconf can install, but I don't know which of them.

After installing check new functionality with "LANG=cs_CZ.UTF-8 mocp --help".
It should talk to you in Czech :).

-- Petr